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Where To Start An Apartment Renovation?

An apartment remodeling requires a serious preliminary preparation. The most important thing is to draw up a detailed plan for future repairs taking into account the smallest nuances. In this article, we would like to give you some valuable pieces of advice we got from professionals on the proper arrangement of repair works.

Identify the interior design and draw up a repair plan

First, you should think where you are going to keep all your old furniture. In this case, we suggest you opt for affordable storage rentals.
Second, you should decide on the interior and design of each individual room, which you plan to renovate in your apartment. You can get some tips if you turn to a professional designer, which will slightly increase your total financial costs for the repairs. For the rooms where the repairs will be carried out, detailed drawings of the successive stages of the repair works must be made.

We recommend that you draw five detailed repair sketches for each individual room. In the first drawing, you should draw the room from above, and in the remaining four – you should portray each of the four walls. Each drawing is supplemented with a detailed description and a plan for the sequential execution of repair works. This will help you avoid some mistakes and inaccuracies when performing a renovation.

Start An Apartment Renovation

Determine the order in which you renovate the rooms

According to the tips of experienced specialists, in order to avoid unnecessary dirt and dust during repair works, it is recommended to perform a renovation first in the rooms most remote to the entrance door. The final stage of repairs should be allocated to the rooms, through which the building materials and tools are constantly carried. It is necessary to do it in order not to stain or scratch anything of what has already been remodeled.
You may want to make use of some additional protection in the form of a protective tarp, which reliably protects the room from mud, dust, plaster, paint or accidental damage.

Should you perform a renovation on your own or turn to experts?

Do not do all the repair works yourself. At your request, it is possible to have a company execute all the repair works or only do some particularly complex repair operations. First, their experience and knowledge will allow them to perform repair works quickly and efficiently. Secondly, you do not have to buy expensive tools.

Even if an installation of the interior door seems like a simply task, the slightest inaccuracy here is unacceptable. Of course, you can hang and arrange kitchen furniture, level the walls yourself etc. Nevertheless, more complex repair works should be entrusted to specialists so that you do not have to redo things, which can significantly increase your financial costs for repairs.

Calculation of expenses

When the preparatory work is done: plans and sketches for repairs are ready, lists of necessary materials and tools mad, you can calculate the estimated total cost of the planned repair.

We hope this article has been of use to you. In addition, we suggest you check out this wide range of outdoor furniture in case you have a country house.