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The discussion of the Wilson/Wilkins infamous little pamphlet Southern Slavery as It Was being not a new topic on V2020. SSAIW has been roundly condemned by academics, theologians, and the majority of this community. Its defenders are few, and generally limited to the ragged remnant of Neo/Paleo Confederates who think Gone with the Wind is non-fiction. To those of us familiar with SSAIW it was a great relief when Canon Press stopped publishing this ill-considered, poorly written, historically inaccurate, heavily plagiarized, piece of trash.

Sadly, SSAIW appears to have been given new life by Blue Bonnet Press in the book The War Between the States. Blue Bonnet Press is owned by John Dwyer. Mr. Dwyer holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism, has engaged in unspecified “post-graduate studies in history” (note: no degree listed) and holds a Masters from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is employed at Coram Deo Academy a member school of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, Doug Wilson’s accrediting agency for Christian schools modeled on Logos School.

Cabin Visionaries

Dwyer, principal author and editor, describes his 700+ page effort as a book that[refuses] to cater to anyone’s notion of the truth other than that of history itself. Most contemporary so-called “scholarship” on most time periods and particularly of the American War Between the States is so blinded by materialistic, utilitarian, Marxist-oriented perspectives on government, society, and history that it fails the “smell test” for what is accurate history, not to mention how problematic its judgments and assumptions are to those who hold a Christian world view and a traditionalist perspective of Constitutional, Republican American government Mr. Dwyer did not tackle this magnum opus single-handedly. He was aided by George Grant, J. Steven Wilkins, Doug Wilson, and (former) secondary principal at Logos School, Tom Spencer. Study Guides for the book are online here.

Chapters 7 and 8 are titled “Southern Slavery as It Was.” The Study Guide for these chapters include such penetrating questions as:4. Using the arguments given in this chapter and others you may think applicable, give your opinion on the question debated in 1845 by two Presbyterian pastors: “Is Slave Holding In itself Sinful, and the Relation Between Master and Slave, a Sinful Relation?”5. In your opinion, how useful to understanding and judging antebellum slavery is an analysis of the practice within the context of Biblical principles on the subject? (SGQs_Ch_7) Clearly, SSAIW has once again reared its ugly head to contaminate the minds and stunt the intellectual growth of children whose Kirk-enthralled parents lack the mother-wit to recognize the difference between the racist, Neo-Confederate cretins pretending to be legitimate historians and authentic, academically trained scholars.

It became apparent to me many years ago that Doug Wilson is not averse to financial gain at the expense of truth. Nonetheless, his share of royalties from this $39.00 book are undoubtedly minimal. Who among us would be willing to target an audience of children with the grotesquely deceitful content of Southern Slavery as It Was in exchange for a pocket full of pennies.