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The Refrigerator Is One Of The Most Used Appliances In The Home

The Refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in the home thanks to the fact that it’s on 24 hours a day. The truth is homeowners don’t understand how important their refrigerator is until it stops working on them. Not only does it ruin your ability to store food for the foreseeable future, it can ruin the hundreds of dollars in groceries currently sitting in it.

For this reason, it is important that you pay close attention to your fridge, helping you cut off any potential disasters before they occur. Not an appliance specialist? There are plenty of professionals in your area that can service your appliances. The following signs are an indicator that your fridge is having issues.

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The Compressor Isn’t On – You know that constant low hum that comes from the lower back of your fridge? That’s the compressor doing its job. If you stop hearing that, it means the compressor is burnt out. Your fridge will still run in this instance, but not as well as it can. It will also lead to more advanced problems down the road. You need to contact Sub Zero appliance repair immediately if you notice your compressor has died.

It’s Off Balance – Does it seem like your door isn’t shutting properly? This is actually a common problem that occurs because it is not installed properly. Take the door off, realign it, and screw it back on. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, a professional can easily help you with it.

Leakage – Water pooling around the base is a clear indicator that it needs to be serviced as soon as possible. There are a variety of different causes for this problem. It could

Condensation – Condensation could occur because you aren’t properly covering your leftovers. If that isn’t the cause, it is because your condensate drain is broken or clogged. The most common sign of this problem is water dripping down from the ceiling of the refrigerator. This is a serious problem that requires the attention of a professional immediately.

These are four common problems that occur with refrigerators. Luckily, those with Sub Zeros experience these issues at a much less frequent rate than other models. This is part of the allure, the savings over time that come with the reduced maintenance that is required to keep it running. On top of that, they are some of the most energy-efficient appliances available.