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The Most Common Pests Across Canada

Certain pest infestations are more obvious than others. While many property owners are quick to recognize more obvious pests, nearly every home across the nation has insects creeping and crawling behind closed doors. Mice, rats, birds and wasps are all considered serious infestations because of the health hazards they present, but what about the hazards to your property? Small insects are still dangerous and every day that passes by, they pose a bigger threat to the structural integrity of your space. Instead of letting pests get the better of your home or business, learn the ins and outs of identifying common infestations.

Ants, spiders and silverfish are such common household pests nearly every Canadian city like Hamilton features at least one of them. While these insects look very different from one another, they do share some common traits: they are quick, sneaky and excellent at hiding. Other than these few shared qualities, these arachnids and insects pose very different threats to your property:

Common Pests Across Canada

Spider infestations are identifiable by sight or by the webs that they leave behind. Seeing the odd arachnid or wiping away a web does not give property owners an accurate idea of how many pests they are really dealing with. While residents assume they are dealing with the odd pest, spider populations are growing behind the scenes.

Ants might not seem like a dangerous pest but these tiny terrors cause tons of property damage every year. Carpenter ants chew through wood and cellulose-based materials, leaving framework, flooring and furniture looking more like swiss cheese than sound material. Pavement ants lurk around hard foundations, dislodging earth, creating uneven surfaces and creeping indoors. It is unnerving enough to catch an ant crawling across your countertop but the bacteria they leave behind is even scarier.

Silverfish are the most elusive and destructive pests that plague property owners across Canada. These insects make meals out of naturally-based products such as paper, adhesives, clothing and crumbs or remnants of ordinary food products. These pests are small, so their bites take a long while to form a noticeable impact. By the time you begin to notice the signs of a silverfish infestation, chances are that they have been lurking in the shadows for years.

Prolonged infestations mean problems for property owners and managers. Instead of guessing at which sort of pest you are dealing with, call in a professional for proper assessment and treatment plans.