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The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Clearing out gutters is a messy job. In fact, there are plenty of reasons that property owners avoid this particular chore. It might be a lack of time and experience, a fear of heights or just not wanting to stick your hand into a gunk-filled pipe. Just because this process is unappealing doesn’t make it any less important for your property. At their finest, perimeter drains protect your roof, keep you dry and can even save you some money. If a proper Ottawa gutter cleaning feels like it is out of reach, have a professional get the job done for you!
In order to keep your system running smoothly, professional gutter cleaners suggest twice annual cleaning services. Your system goes through a lot over the course of the year. Each season brings new trials and clogs your drains with all sorts of clutter. The main culprits for blockages in both opened and unopened areas are organics such as leaves, sticks, seed pods, pinecones, needles and even rodents. If left, these blockages prevent water from passing through. Sitting water can soften construction materials, leading to water damage, leaks and even flooding. By cleaning out pipes during spring and fall months, you are preventing heavy clogs from forming in pipes and downspouts.
Gutter cleaning is a high-risk household chore, both to personal safety and to the safety of your property. Ladders are a risky business all on their own, never mind leaning them against the side of a house or building. Instead of taking a risk, professional gutter cleaners arrive on-scene with all the proper stand-offs and safety gear to keep our experts on their feet. In addition to safe practices, our team uses high-powered vacuums to ensure great results. Both visible and unseen areas, like downspouts, are cleared of all blockages using speciality tools. Before professional gutter cleaners pack their bags, all pathways are water-tested to ensure that your system is running smoothly.