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The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Laundry is a necessary evil for all Canadians but with the right tools, this chore can be a breeze. Washers and dryers are designed to make your life easier, but they can’t do that without proper maintenance. Take dryer vents, for example; without proper cleaning, these unseen areas negatively impact functionality, air quality and can even lead to fires.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is easy to neglect basic maintenance of major appliances – until they stop working. Running a hand through a lint trap might be commonplace but it is not enough to keep pipes clean. With every load, small bits of debris sneak passed screens and become lodged inside ducts. As material begins to stick to the side of interior components, it creates a foundation to trap and hold new, lighter, materials. In a single-family home, it can take years for this process to create concerning blockages but shared laundry facilities are at greater risk.

As clogs form, they restrict airflow through vents. Without the ability to circulate air, dryers aren’t able to work properly, leaving clothes damp. This sort of inefficiency means loads are done multiple times, driving up electricity bills and adding to established blockages. Without proper care, this cycle can continue for years. Everyone knows that lint is a fire hazard but it can cause respiratory harm as well. Lint and laundry debris are a perfect breeding ground for mould. Damp climates like those on the west coast see tons of issues related to improper ventilation. Dryer vent cleaning in Vancouver is a highly popular service due to the increase in shared living spaces. Instead of contending with improper air flow and health risks or inefficient machines, consider the benefits of regularly scheduled maintenance practices. The frequency of care around your property is dependent on use, environment and the appliance itself. Consulting with a professional can give you the leg up that you need in order to extend the life of your dryers and to breath easier.

While vent cleaning is important, it is also difficult. Struggling to reach interior areas can leave unseen clogs deep within your system, posing new and unexpected issues. Calling a professional property maintenance firm means a complete clear out of vents, ducts and surrounding areas. Structures such as apartments and condominium complexes, assisted living centres and hospitals are excellent candidates for professional cleaning services.