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Repairing and Beautifying Windows in an Old Home

Windows are one of the most underutilized features of a home. They add a bright and natural light to the rooms within, while framing some of life’s most beautiful moments; perhaps a mother peaks out to see her children playing happily in a sprinkler, or maybe a father is watching his wife and daughter tend their first rosebush together. In an old home, windows might need a little TLC to be restored to their former condition so that they may witness many more happy memories being made.

Beautifying Windows in an Old Home

Upgrading the Glass

The glass in old windows might be incredibly drafty or loose. Installing new glass in windows Roseville MN can help to reduce electric bills, eliminate condensation, and stop the drafts during cold weather. It also gives the family the opportunity to paint the frames to match the rooms, as well.

Framing with Showstopping Curtains

Curtains draw lots of attention to the beautiful windows of a home. Curtains should be as long as possible; they should be mounted close to the ceiling, but they should just brush against the floor. This gives the appearance of a taller window, which opens up the living space. Adding layers, such as sheer curtains and valences, brings depth and texture to the windows.

Adding a Bench

A window bench adds extra seating and storage within the home while also making the windows far more attractive. The seating is perfect for a morning cup of coffee, a wonderful novel, or for watching the birds as they search through the morning dew for worms and seeds. Many homeowners love having these benches by their windows.

Building Flower Boxes

Flower boxes add a beautiful pop of color and an energizing, natural feel to a home. Flowers can be planted and tended from inside the home, making window flower boxes an easy, fun, and traditional way to beautify the outside of a home.

Repairing windows and improving their appearances can truly rejuvenate an older home. These steps could improve the value of a home and improve a future buyer’s opinion of it, too.