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Lesser Known Facts About The Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are one of the most prestigious, awards that are an integral part of the Hollywood Industry. And much like the other awards events, the Academy Awards are a plethora of interesting facts and information. Everything is hidden from the outside world. But not anymore, as we are here with some of the lesser-known facts about the Academy Awards that you wouldn’t know. These facts are small trivia that you need to know about. Academy Awards, though an event for everyone can be as secretive as possible. These amazing facts are sure to stir up some gossip, people.

Some Facts That You Don’t Know About Academy Awards

Did you know that after an interview with the popular Hollywood producer Bob Simonds in Deadline, the reporters were shocked to come across the ambitiously juicy plans that these upcoming studios have to get themselves an Academy award? When it comes to the Academy Awards, there are many things that are hidden from the world outside but these facts are equally interesting and important. You might even know about a few of these facts yourself. Nonetheless, we are here to provide you with some interesting facts about the Academy Awards that we know you would like.

  • There are three films that have a tie.

Well, this is a fact that not everyone knows about. Everyone wants to win an Academy Award but a very few fortunate movies actors win it. However, there are some movies upon which these awards are showered because of their amazingness. You will be surprised to know that three such movies are basically a tie. They have each won 11 awards. Want to know what those movies are? Well l, they are The Return Of The King, The Lord Of The Rings, and Titanic. We bet that this fact is a bit surprising to you.

  • The huge difference in age between nominees

Many of you would be surprised to know that the age difference between the actors that are nominated is huge. Well, that is a coincidence that no one can deny. We have found that the youngest person to win an Oscar, Tatum O’Neal was about 10 years old. He won the award for Paper Moon. Opposite to that, the oldest winner of the Oscar award would be Christopher Plummer who was 82. He won the award for his iconic role in the Beginners movie. Not just the actors but the actresses are in this coincidence.

  • The statuettes are worth millions

Another interesting fact that surrounds the Academy Awards is that the statuettes that ate used in the award shows are very costly. Even the singer Michael Jackson confirmed it. He said that he had to pay a lot of money, about $1.54 million dollars in the year 1999 just to get the statue of David Selznick’s Oscar award that he got for the Best Picture which was Gone With The Wind. That’s a lot of money for just an award. But I guess, that’s the charm of the Academy Awards.

  • Walt Disney is the holder of TWO records

Walt Disney is one of the most talented individuals that had ever lived. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise that the famous personality has got two records. Well, the first one is for holding the most nominations for the Academy Awards and the second one is for winning the most number of Oscars.

We bet these facts were interesting enough for you. How many of these did you know about?