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LEDs Let You Save More on Power Costs

For any indoor gardener, one of the major decisions they have to face is what kind of light they should use to grow their plants. To photosynthesize, plants often need specific light. In general, leafy and green plants require a different kind of spectrum when compared to seedlings, flowering,and fruit-bearing plants. Incandescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, fluorescent, and LED are just some of the options available for grow lights. Some of these produce light in the orange/red spectrum, and others in the blue spectrum. The full spectrum LED grow lights are one of the common choices among indoor growerssince they photosynthesize well, reduce heat and cut back on power.

LEDs Let You Save More on Power Costs

Less Power Costs with LED Grow Lights

For most indoor gardening projects, LED grow lights serve as the ideal choice. These compact, yet powerful lights also emit specific wavelengths of light, which in return helps to speed up the vegetation process for plants. Yields are better and they promote better growth. LED lights are special because of their energy-saving quality, which save over 50-60% of your energy bill.

Unlike other bulbs that produce light as a byproduct of several chemical reactions, LED grow lights work when direct electricity flows through the diode. Ultimately, this means LED grow bulbs do not waste their energy. Most plants simply use a small portion of their light, produced by fluorescent, incandescent, and HID. Since these lights emit light directly in a narrow spectrum, none of the light goes into waste. Hence, the LED grow light is the most efficient way to grow indoors.

Less Heat, More Growth

The other types of grow lights emit extra heat, which is not suitable for plants. Like with sunlight, which affects outdoor plants when there is excess, traditional grow lights can also burn and damage leaves from a high heat output. On the other hand, most indoor plants require a little amount of direct heat. As such, choosing LED grow lights is suitable because it emits less amount of heat and allows you to place them close to plants and reduce or eliminate the need for extra cooling systems in order to maintain a stable temperature.

Compared to most other standard options, G8 LED grow lights are more efficient, reducing the power consumption even more. These lights are made with high quality components and produce healthier plants with higher quality buds. The power saving quality of these lights alone is a great reason to invest in them for any indoor growing operation.

These lights can easily last for about 8-10 years, and allow you to use up more space, eliminate replacement costs, and keep your grow room at a manageable and stable temperature. For some of the best, power saving LED grow lights, you can check Dorm Grow LED.