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Job Opportunities In The Legal Field

Developments in law and technology has created many job opportunities in the legal field and help law school graduates to choose from. Skilled legal professionals are required by individuals and companies to get quality service in a cost-effective manner.

Here is a list of popular job opportunities in the legal field and law-related careers.

A lawyer or attorney or counsellor’s job is to advocate for his client’s rights, which can decide the success or failure of the lawsuit.

A paralegal takes up the tasks of drafting pleadings, assisting clients, doing legal research to free up the time of the attorney so that he can focus on the tasks of appearing in the court or providing legal advice to his clients.

A legal secretary’s main responsibilities includes regular secretarial work alongwith writing or typing letters to clients informing them about the upcoming court dates and maintaining files.

Legal Field

A legal assistant can also be referred to as a paralegal or legal secretary.

A compliance specialist looks after corporate compliance and may also train employees in compliance processes.

A conflicts analyst’s role is to research possible conflicts of interest between the parties involved in the case and maintain confidential reports.

A legal recruiter can work with a law firm, potential employees, paralegals and attorneys.

A court messenger works to deliver documents and other proofs to courts and to other lawyers.

Litigation Support Professional works with software and applications to maintain client and case information.

An e-discovery professional works to discover the information that is related to the case and clients through electronic storage modes.

A document coder works in an entry-level position to maintain the technology that allows to access various documents related to the case.

A judge’s main job is to put law into practice and give justice.

A magistrate is a junior judge who focuses on minor cases and disputes.

A law clerk is responsible to manage the case files of the judges, do research, draft reports and read the entire case files to understand what is important.

A mediator tries to guide opposing parties or clients to compromise or come to a settlement.

A court reporter is the stenographer who takes down every word as the hearing progresses. As more courts are opting to record their proceedings in audio files, court reporters also transcribe such tapes.

A broadcast captioner’s duty is to enter captions on videos in real time during the trial so that the case file can be preserved in the event of an appeal.

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