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Intermodal Freight Services

As you drive around town these days, you won’t fail to notice the myriad of trucks along the highway. These trucks are now regarded as the modern and popular means of transporting goods. However, before the birth and introduction of trucks, there were trains. In case you’re having a hard time trying to decide on the means of freight transport, worry no more. You can use both the cargo truck and railway service to transport any goods. With the help of intermodal freight services, you can make use of both forms of transport to your own advantage.

Intermodal transportation can be described as a form of transportation that uses both trucks and trains. It is not limited to only a particular mode of transport to move your cargo. It also involves the use of barges, cargo ships and airplanes in some cases. These forms of transportation are made possible with the help of a shipping container known as the intermodal container; hence the name. These containers have been standardized and passed fit by the regulatory bodies. Therefore, they are free to be moved, loaded, stacked, and unloaded either through railway, truck, or even ship.

One of the benefits of using intermodal shipping is that it is easily affordable. When compared to shipping by truck alone, it is definitely cost-effective. This is as a result of fusing the cost you can get from both trucks and trains. Using the railway to move cargo can ultimately reduce the number of trucks seen on the highway. This will, in turn, make the roads safer for all. Inasmuch as a train can easily convey your cargo from one city to another, it also has its own drawbacks. It will be pretty difficult to move your goods from one port to another. At this juncture, you need a truck. Since it operates by road, a truck can easily transport the products directly to your customers.

Before you pick any intermodal company to handle your cargo, they must possess these important qualities:

Intermodal Freight Services

Great Customer Service

Any intermodal freight service that you decide to go for must put you first. You want a company that will give you the maximum attention at all times. One in which even if you own a small company, you’ll be treated the same way other customers are treated. Make sure you select a company that has the ability to handle the large and complex job. It is important especially if you deal with large cargoes.

Good Communication

Have a face to face meeting with representatives of your chosen transport company. This allows you to know how the company communicates to its customers. Don’t give credence to what you see online or in adverts about how wonderful their service can be. Ask them an important and relevant question. You need to know if they are technologically sound to monitor your cargo. Find out how good their tracking system is. How will they communicate to you if your cargo is held up longer than expected?