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Interior Sliding Glass Doors for the Modern Home or Office

Sliding glass doors are an exceptions addition to any building, whether home or office. They are a perfect fit for both the interior and exterior. They can be used for bedrooms, closet, backdoors, etc. There is no place where sliding glass doors can’t fit into.

Equally impressive is the fact that glass doors are safe, so you have nothing to worry about even if you have kids or your office see a large amount of traffic daily. They are easy to open and close and requires little maintenance services. These types of doors are made with a thick glass and as such, they are hard to break; it is usually 5mm to 7mm thick. And for additional protection, sliding glass doors are made from laminated safety glass.

Sliding glass doors are easy to use, hence its popularity among homeowners. Furthermore, high-quality doors are very unlikely to become loose on their tracks as they make use of a special locking system.

Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Depending on your preference, you can lock these doors while open or closed. You can either lock them using a key or by a simple pull of a lever. So you enjoy convenience on the go. Sliding glass doors are made of different parts such as a head, sill, insulated glass, hardware and a jamb.

The head is the main horizontal piece which helps keep the door in shape after installation. Essentially, it serves as the top frame. The sill, on the other hand, serves as the bottom frame of the door. The insulated glass comprises of at least two hermetically sealed panes of glass. In order to further enhance insulation in your home, these panes of glass are, for the most part, layered with argon gas which further enhances the door’s ability to retain heat.

Remarkably, this serves best for the winter season during which time the cost of heating skyrocket. The hardware is used to open and close the doors. And lastly, the jamb is the entire patio door frame

Since its inception, sliding doors have experienced significant improvements in terms of durability and functionality. The latest models on the market feature safety, long-lasting performance, beauty, and energy efficiency. Sliding doors comes in various forms which include wood, aluminum, or fiberglass with each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Essentially, aluminum doors are highly durable and offer additional protection, but wood doors offer more in terms of beauty. Plus, wood doors are highly vulnerable to moisture so it is recommended that you apply a durable finish. Fiberglass, on the other hand, has similar resemblance with wood but is not vulnerable to moisture. Unlike wood, they do not crack or warp

Whether wood, aluminum or fiberglass, the main part of any sliding door is glass. Most sliding doors feature high-quality glass. Nonetheless, it is essential that you do a thorough research to find the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Choose from a wide range of designs and styles.