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How Do I Install a Glass Splashback? A How-To Guide

A glass splashback can add both beauty and functionality to a kitchen, making this “heart of the home” even better. The toughened glass splashbacks from Express Toughening are an ideal example of this versatile and attractive kitchen feature, adding colour, personality and improved functionality to your kitchen. The reflective qualities of our high-quality glass make a kitchen appear brighter and create a feature at the heart of the kitchen, protecting the wall from staining and water damage while looking great!

What is a Glass Splashback?

A glass splashback is a sheet of toughened glass that adheres to the wall behind the hob, ordinarily beneath the extractor fan. This makes the splashback a dual-function item, providing physical protection to the wall behind the hob and adding decorative flair to the kitchen!Made from one single piece of toughened glass, your kitchen splashback will be made to fit your kitchen, making sure that it works in the space and allows access to plug sockets and other essential functionality.

Install a Glass Splashback

Why Would I Want a Glass Splashback?

A glass splashback can add both beautiful style and effective practical function to a kitchen. Available in a huge range of colours, styles and prints, you’ll be able to use your splashback to add colour or some personality to your kitchen, tying it in with the existing décor scheme or creating a stylish counterpoint to really make your home stand out from the competition.

One top of that, your glass splashback offers an excellent protection for your wall against water damage, staining and grease – common hazards for the wall behind the hob. Even the most conscientious cook can’t stop a pan from spitting out a mist of fine oil particles or stop steam from condensing on a cool surface right behind the pan. That’s why a splashback is such a useful feature – instead of soaking into the wall and causing damage, these things simply wipe off the glass, restoring a spotless finish!

How Do I Install a Glass Splashback?

When you are having a glass splashback made for your kitchen, possibly by the experts at Express Toughening, you’ll need to decide whether to have their team install it for you, or put it up yourself. If you want to


To install your glass splashback properly, you should:

  • Prepare the Surface

The first step in any installation project is preparing the surface – making sure it is well-cleaned and completely dry, so that the adhesive will take. A dirty, dusty or wet surface could cause the splashback to fall off, as the adhesive would grip the dust or interact with the moisture instead of sticking to the wall surface itself.

  • Prepare Your Adhesive

Make sure to have your adhesive ready, before you start. You don’t want to have to stop mid-installation to make up more, or worse, run out halfway through, forcing you to stop and get more while the first batch dries and fouls the installation. Whatever adhesive you’re using, like Gripfill or No More Nails, make sure to have enough of it ready to get the job done.

  • Ensure Installation Will be Safe

Remove any sockets from the wall and switch off their electricity supply. This has the added advantage of making sure the wall surface lies completely flush, so the glass can sit properly against it.

  • Apply the Adhesive

Place the splashback face down and spread the adhesive onto the back of it, making sure not to go too close to the edges of the splashback, in case it leaks out the sides upon being placed against the wall.

  • Apply the Toughened Glass Splashback

Place the splashback on the wall, making sure that the adhesive spreads out behind it. If you’re worried that the adhesive won’t hold the glass up on its own straight away, secure the splashback in place with tape while the glue dries.

  • Finishing Touches

Once the glue has completely dried and cured, you can remove the tape, replace any electrical sockets you may have removed, and apply sealant around the exposed edges of the splashback, to stop moisture, other liquids or air from getting in between the splashback and the wall, where they could cause problems.

Once you’ve done that, you’re done, and you can enjoy your new splashback! Contact Express Toughening on 020 8500 1188 today for more information!