Getting The Jump On Growing Season

With growing season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking ahead to your landscaping needs. As greenhouses and nurseries are preparing to open their doors, it is easy to create a plan based on curb appeal. Before investing in plants and accessories, it is important to build a plan that works for your space.

First Things First

While landscaping might draw the most attention, a successful yard begins at the foundation. Before a spade hits the dirt, it is important to look at any hardscaping needs. Hardscaping includes any construction projects that will add value or comfort to your space. Big-ticket items such as decks, patios, fencing and even arbours or gazebos all need to be laid before any planting takes place. The same applies to walkways, driveways, ramps and concrete foundations. Once the tough stuff is take care of, it is time to get hands dirty!

Getting The Jump On Growing Season

Nothing seems more natural than plants but there is more to thriving greenery than digging a hole and grabbing a hose. More important than sitting pretty, the setup of your exterior space should be functional. The most common example of usefulness in urban plants are hedges. Landscaping in Richmond and the rest of Metro Vancouver uses hedges and tall trees to create privacy. Proper placement of these can be beneficial but improper planting can mean too much cover or blocked windows. With this in mind, it is important to take note of the ending size of any plant before laying it in the ground.

Timing is Everything

While flowers are the go-to plants for many property owners but it is important to know what you are dealing with. The more delicate species of plants should be left until warm seasons such as May or June. This might put a pause in your schedule, but don’t worry – there is still plenty to do! Hardy or cool-weather plants such as trees, shrubs, lilies or hostas, can be dealt with around March and April. Early March is the time for fertilizing and prepping your yard and garden.

This might all seem like a lot, and in truth, proper landscaping is more complicated than it seems and that is why so many property owners seek professional help. An established lawn care company can help to assess the condition of current plant-life and placements of new additions. A trained eye can also help to balance visuals and textures, creating an outdoor space that works for you and looks great doing it.

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