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Fake Turf-Types

The New Lawn Artificial Grass has gained major fame all over UK. Their sole aim is to make you yard look magnificent with efficient installation services and by offering the best type and quality of turf that suits your purpose. The durability, appearance as well the functionality of the artificial turfs depends highly on the material that is used to manufacture it. All the ranges and types of artificial turf are designed in a way that both the feel and look is a replica of natural grass. Now, depending on the kind of usage and the amount of footfall on a daily basis, artificial green putting type must be selected.

Say for instance, if you are planning to install New Lawn Artificial Grass for residential purposes i.e. either indoor or outdoor, then the suggestion would be to opt for artificial grass for sale. it is more like a softer material turf as the footfall is not high in this case. But for areas like sports fields and recreational parks and even modern restaurants and cafés preferably coarser material turfs should be placed due to heavy usage and of course larger daily footfall.


Looking for a very life-like option of artificial turf? Then go for Polyethylene. This is one kind of artificial turf that’ll be difficult to distinguish whether it is fake or natural grass. Yes, the appearance is that real. This type offers the two most important features that you will expect out of your lawn. One is the soft under the feet feel and the other is the vibrancy of the green look. Home owners generally choose the polyethylene turf for their yards. High-end forms of this type of turf are also ideal for a variety of sports due to the strong attribute of resilience. Some of the most common sports fields in which it is used are football, baseball, soccer and different athletic forms. For rough games, when this type is blended with one layer of nylon, the turf becomes even sturdy. It requires no maintenance at all.


Out of the three basic types of turfs available in the market the ones made out of Nylon are the strongest and the most durable. This artificial turf type has the stiffest pile. It means that no matter what the footfall is, the turf maintains its shape. Also, in instances of very hot climates, the nylon turf can withstand the temperatures and the fiber does not become unstable or melt. The cut of nylon turfs are such that they have a natural appearance but feel-wise they are not as soft as the polyethylene ones. This artificial turf form is the most expensive out of the lot. Thus, rather than a total putting green, this type is generally used as a second level thatch to enhance the strength of other turf types.


If a turf is low on the durability factor then it is evident that it will be low cost-wise as well. Well, Polypropylene is one such form of artificial turf. This is not the best of choices for your homes. But, it is an investment after all. So, it is always better to go with a sturdier material.