Christmas Craft Suggestions

While there is still a tiny window of opportunity for last minute homemade gifts I’ve got two great sources to recommend. Over Thanksgiving weekend as we ladies were thinking of Christmas crafts, Daughter 3 introduced us to this very charming site which led in turn to my finding Dancing Rain Dolls. DRD is located in Port Orchard, Washington. The tiny little dolls that I fell in love with may be found by clicking on Patterns/Kits and then selecting Seasonal Dolls from the menu on the left.  These photos will provide the flavor of some of the selfish characters but you’ll need to click on the link to see the full glory of this site.  It’s fabulous.

Christmas Craft Suggestions

The little folk are so adorable and just the perfect size (scale is a challenge) for our not very tall Christmas tree.  (We have purchased live trees the past four years that go from our house to sentinel duty along our driveway when Christmas is over. They are brave little soldiers but only about 4 ½ feet tall.) I ordered some kits from Dancing Rain Dolls last week and they arrived today.  The staff is so kind and helpful I urge readers to shop there for that reason alone.  One of the kits that I ordered was out of stock until after Christmas and they phoned me last week asking if I would like a refund.

  Absolutely Not!!  I asked Ann to just choose a substitute since I really liked all their products.  They arrived wrapped in individual packages like little gifts, which indeed they were.  Not only will they be sweet on the Christmas Tree, I intend to make several more during the coming year.  There will be lots of tiny new friends in the children’s guest room, on the seasonally decorated table in the quiet living room, and of course for Christmas Tree 2009.

Daughter 2 ordered a doll kit which she will dress in an Irish Dance Dress matching the solo Irish Dance dress worn by Granddaughter 5.  Daughter 2 received the same super courteous, helpful response from Dancing Raindrop that I have.

It is a pleasure to recommend them to others.  The products are affordable for those among us who need to be mindful of expenses; they are charming and unique gifts, and the staff is just icing on a very delicious cake! The other Christmas craft recommendation that I suggest is a copy of Just Cross Christmas Ornaments, $6.99, available in the magazine display at WinCo – and I assume other local grocery stores.  There are 76 cross stitch Christmas ornaments – and the majority of them are real, really attractive.  No old grammar crap with nasty looking bouquets, playful kittens, or terrifying clown designs amongst them.  They are uncomplicated, with great design graphics, not terribly time consuming, and a genuine pleasure to stitch.