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15 Things to Do Before You Move

Your big move is approaching and you have so many things that still must be done. If you aren’t especially organized, you’ll panic as the day moves closer. Here’s 15 things to do before you make your move. Get organized. The better organized you are, the smoother your move. Make a blueprint or an outline and follow that as you work toward your moving day. Use it as a checklist and you’ll never miss anything. Obtain free boxes. Why purchase moving boxes when you can get them for free? So, visit local retailers and ask for boxes.

Hardware stores, supermarkets, big box retailers, and many other merchants may have them waiting for you. Pack room by room. Begin packing as soon as you can. Start with those items you won’t need again until after you arrive at your new home. Then, work from room to room until you are done. Purge your excess. As you pack, you’ll come across numerous items you no longer have need of. It is important to separate these items and purge them from your inventory.

Things to Do Before You Move

This means donating or selling what you no longer need. Hire a moving company. As soon as you know of your plans, look for a moving company. Obtain multiple estimates, check references, and hire the company you will use as soon as you can advise Allied Moving Services. Arrange play dates. Your children need special time with their friends before you move. You can help out by arranging special play dates with their closest friends.
Have those dates outside of your home to allow you to pack or handle other matters. Tell your creditors. Your creditors need to know of your move, even if you receive your bills online. Notify your credit card companies of your move at least a week before you move. Hold a date night. In the middle of your busyness, you may forget your significant other.

Set aside some time to have a special date night, just for the two of you. Visit your favorite places. If your move will take you far away, then choose a few of your favorite local places and visit these before you leave. Take plenty of photos as you never know when or if you’ll return. Hold or attend a farewell party. Just before you move, say good-bye to your friends. Invite them over, share memories and enjoy a meal together. Or, if friends want to throw a party for your family, then agree to attend.

Make it a memorable experience where everyone can join in. Check with the moving company. Confirm with the moving company about a week before you move of your plans. Verify the time and date, and if the movers don’t have your new address, then supply same. Forward your mail. At least two weeks before you move, tell the post office of your plans. Provide a forwarding address to ensure that your mail follows you to your new home. If you use a package delivery service, notify that company too. Clean out the refrigerator.

Your refrigerator should be cleaned out at least a day before you move. Whatever hasn’t been eaten, give it away. Throw out what is about to expire. Cancel the cable. By all means dump the cable before you leave. The last thing you want is to be billed for cable months after you arrive at your new home. Do the same for each of your other utilities. Head out. With the movers gone, you’re ready to hit the road. Before you leave, make sure the house is clean, the lawn tended to and the keys turned over to the new owners or to your real estate agent.
Your New Home When you arrive at your new home, be on hand for the movers. Ensure that everything is removed from the truck and deposited inside of your home. Each box will have its special room; you may need to direct the movers to where these will be placed.

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